e-Thrice Manwerd

We all know who e-Thrice Manwerd is. Do you? Think about it. It’s not too hard. Sure, he is a former member of the 15 Year Old Mothers and the driving creative force behind 1000000 ad, but do you really know who he is. There, we gave you another clue: it’s a dude.

e-Thrice Manwerd has been a part of the Cornslaw family since the first releases, and continues to contribute in various incarnations. Originally from Northeast Pennsylvania, he spent some time in various parts of New York, and is now leaving to spend some time in Northern Africa (we think). Now, I know we avoid truth in favor of ambiguity and silliness around here, but these are all mostly truths. In fact, this may be the most factual thing ever written on Mr. Manwerd in the pages of Cornslaw Industries

Husband Killers

200-e-thrice-husband Husband Killers is the debut solo album from the songwriter behind 1000000 a.d. To date, it is the only release Manwerd has released under his own name (which is actually an alias, but it is his primary