Doc Mailman

Doc Mailman was, and may still be, a real band… we think. We’ll let Marc correct us. They are associated with Qua Judge, as realized via the D’Aqua collaboration, but that may be through circumstance. Doc is New York-based and may be one of the only actual New Yorkers on Cornslaw (though others reside in the city and the state).

At one point, there was a discussion of portions of Doc Mailman, Qua Judge, and other Cornslaw bands joining 1000000 a.d., but that has yet to materialize. We wish it would hurry up and happen.

We probably got some stuff wrong, but the intention was never sincere.

2 Doc 2 Qua

1000-2doc 2 Doc 2 Qua is by D'qua, the collaboration between Doc Mailman and Qua Judge. It seems to indicate that D'Aqua has a more sinister side than previously imagined... track 5 should be a little quieter... This


1000-daqua-gatorade D'Aqua is the collaboration between Doc Mailman and Qua Judge. In regards to this release, this conversation may or may not have occurred: A: I just tried to send you the album through [website

Is It Too Doc Mailman

200-doc-isittoo Written and recorded by M. Maffei in New York City over 2007 and 2008, the inaugural Doc Mailman album, Is It Too Doc Mailman sounds like a dog on a carpet. Recorded in 2008. All songs written and