Danger Vacuum

Somewhere after Barry’s Listening and today came Danger Vacuum. Sometime synonymous with Pigeon Daggers, sometimes nearing the world of deejaying, sometimes just unfocused noise, Danger Vacuum never really came to fruition. It was a project of only a few recordings.

The name, if you are interested, is, as teased in the image to the left, from a scene in Airplane. Or was it Airplane 2: The Sequel? But, you’re probably not interested.

These recordings begin to tease the 366 Pieces material and some more recent solo recordings. All titles are intended to be pronounced phonetically, or not at all.


1000-danger-crackle I ordered a Cracklebox from Steim in the Summer of 2009. A few weeks later (actually several weeks, but it was worth it) I received my Cracklebox in the mail. The Cracklebox is a device witch allows


1000-danger-grene NOTE: Files are currently missing... where are they, I wonder. The follow up to Read, Gren(e) is Danger Vacuum's part two to Read's part one. Crac(kle) fits somewhere in there too. With Gren(e) we find


200-danger-read Recorded in a very short time with very little direction. Includes lots of found sounds, borrowed sounds, and lost sounds. It is pronounced in the past tense. "Hard Rock Singer/Guitarist Joe Walsh" is