Cyanide Tamales

The members of the Cyanide Tamales and their larger group of friends were some of the smartest “older kids” in school. I believe more than one was in the top 10 of their graduating class. It seemed to me like they didn’t care about being cool (look no further than the “mathletics” reference). To me, someone who was trying so desperately to be cool, this was so cool.

In high school, I had a band-crush on The Cyanide Tamales. They continue to be pretty impressive people 20 plus years later.

I’m sure I’ve asked in the past, but I need to get one of them to write a more thorough biography at some point. Like everything else, we’ll get to it. For now, listen to the first track from Around the Cat in 80 Days, Dave facilitates a detailed introduction to the band.

Around the Cat in 80 Days

CyanideTamales-1000 Around the Cat (In 80 Days), in its celebration of the fact that it was recorded on a four track by a bunch of geeky guys, represented so much of what I loved about music at the time (and still today).