Though arguably the world’s tallest band, Cactopus sucked – and not in some ironic “I’m a loser baby” kind of way. No, being in or seeing this band hurt your feelings as well as your ears. Though most survived, sort of, many lives were ruined in the process. Like the challenge of life as both a cactus and an octopus, membership in the band varied from the brilliantly talented to the thuggishly incompetent. From as many as seven members in the heyday of their Isla Vista college party days to the lean mean four man machine that recorded the singles with Greg Freeman in San Francisco, attrition was a constant result of their economic and intellectual poverty and dangerously abundant array of ham-fisted intoxications.

Unable to sustain the tension of trying to emulate in sound and lifestyle both The Rolling Stones and Butthole Surfers, post-Cactopus destinations for ex-members include, but are not limited to, marriage, painting, photography, the streets of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, teaching high school literature, corporate IT, PhD (American culture studies), Trumans Water (San Diego), National RocKombo (Portland), Frenchy (San Francisco), and Fisherman (New York).

The one thing Cactopus shares with many good bands is that all critical acclaim came posthumously. (ML)

Karma Asada

1000-cacto-karma-300x300 Karma Asada is Cactopus's third (and final?) release. It was released on cassette tape. Self released, I think. I am pretty sure we asked Mike for some more information about it years ago and never

Zero Tolerance / Atom and Eve Bomb

ZeroTolerance "Zero Tolerance/Atom and Eve Bomb” almost didn’t suck but were saved from being good songs by overtly topical politics. The recording was good though, especially the backwards-masked guitar on “Atom

Rocket Up A Star / Lonely Surfer

RocketUpAStar "Lonely Surfer” is the signature ‘tune’ of the earliest set of Cactopus ‘songs’ and attempts to sonically mimic the experience of surfing alone in conditions beyond ones ability. “Rocket Up