Ben Roy

Ben Roy was a silly time for music. Silly, yes, but exploratory. Armed with a Windows 95 computer, a few MIDI programs (nothing good, some old Midisoft thing), a MIDI connector with nothing to plug it into, some musical arrangement knowledge (not a lot), and a four track cassette recorder, Ben Roy would come into being late at night. Recording in near or complete silence in a run-down home in Morgantown. The house is gone now. At the time, it seemed like it might fall into the small creek that ran below and behind it.

I worked nights a few times a week and got a little weird at times. I played with the typewriter at work (night “security” at one of the dorms) and wrote a few poems, short stories, and anecdotes. I recently read a bunch of e.e. cummings so most of it is over-stylized bullshit with very few capital letters. Obnoxious.

No one really got to listen to Ben Roy in an uncontrolled environment. There were probably three to five distinct recording projects/groups of songs/ideas that ran from about 1995 until about 1997. When I started playing in front of people a bit more, my little recording projects were put on hiatus for quite some time. I..Now, I’ll and Na Klar! may be the only ones that have survived.

Na Klar!

200-ben-naklar Rescued from obscurity is the forgotten collection known to a select few simply as "Na Klar!" Na Klar was probably conceived originally as a collection, but ended up at the bottom of a moving box. The