The Grossly Misjudged Collective Works of Barry’s Listening

Have you seen Can’t Hardly Wait? It’s a good movie. A lot of little nuances that make me smile. One such thing is a scene towards the end of the second act. Our hero, left with nowhere else to turn, calls a radio station from a pay phone after hearing the prophetic news that the guest for the evening, Barry Manilow, will be answering listeners’ question. As his call is let through to the station, the deejay informs him “Barry’s listening.” It is a barely audible, beautiful phrase.

The recordings of The Grossly Misjudged Collective Works of Barry’s Listening range from abandoned recordings, hastily edited, haphazardly colelcted, and distributed via a purported net-label with little-to-nothing to release to silly recordings overly obsessed with to the point of destroying any potential quality.

There is one sole member of Barry’s Listening (me, sorry to drop the guise), but others helped out along the way. But really, it isn’t real.


Prog In the Summer of 2008, the Cornslaw Industries Board of Directors met to decide to kill off Barry under natural circumstances. This would not be a rock and roll suicide, this was not a hit. No, being the


200-barry-haywood Haywood is the magnum opus of Barrow, Alaska's favorite sons and daughters: The Grossly Misjudged Collective Works of Barry's Listening. It was their best and only release of 2007 (that's not true, a lot

In Ohio

200-barry-ohio This is the only known remnant recorded predominantly in the ill-fated MythLab Studios located in the southern end of a town we had geographically flipped when we signed the lease. A weird little bedroom,


200-barry-denon The original concept behind the de-nonexistent-ing of old material that lead to the releasing of old material and the ultimate forming of the "trilogy" with 1954 and Being That We Are Speaking Of…. This

Being That We Are Speaking Of…

200-barry-being Being the We Are Speaking Of... is one third of the trilogy (with 1954 and Denonexistented). They are barely connected in any other way than that they were all released together after a weekend marathon

1954 (Nineteen Fifty Four)

200-barry-1954 With Being That We Are Speaking Of... and Denonexistented, 1954 forms a trilogy of sorts of unreleased, unfinished, and uncared-for material. Some of it dates pretty far back. Does it need to exist?


200-barry-30 In honor of turning thirty, I collected 30. It is a loose collection of songs that brought one to such a milestone, but not really. It was a return to loving the four track, Casio drum beats, and Ween-like