We were called “Band.” It was pronounced quickly and loudly… as if an agitated and defensive bark. We were also called Blueprint and a few other things I cannot remember. We had two songs: “Duh Duh” and “Song.” They might have been the same song, I can’t remember. We also did the “Donkey Kong” theme… or was that “Duh Duh?”

The “YLGA” on the board stood for Yuppie Larva Gone Astray, an incarnation of Band that never really got to where it should have gotten (or at all). The SEHP was a joke, but I can’t remember what the joke was. It was of course a “straight edge” reference, and I believe we would occasionally replace the other two letters to some other location (beyond the common SE NY, SE DC, SE NJ, etc.)

If were were at all serious or hard, we may have become the hardcore band we thought we could be, but we could not. Most time was spent coming up with ideas, breaking guitars (I think we smashed about three different acoustic guitars), driving around, and doing everything you are supposed to do in a band except actually play music.

So, there was me (playing Fred V’s father’s awesome old P-Bass); Brad and Trevor on guitar (trevor couple play most of Metallica’s “One” and was likely “slumming it” with us, in retrospect); Michael hanging out, singing, or playing along. We only met together less than a dozen times, but Band bled into and out of other bands like Dewback and a couple hardcore bands with or without names. It was also the only band (aside from some Afton jams or when Fred V and I tried to get “I am the Walrus” together for a talent show) to play in the basement of my childhood home on South Crescent Blvd in Yardley.

Only one video and some photos still exist (to my knowledge).

Photos From South Crescent Blvd

Michael's hardcore jumps were better than the rest of ours. Band plays, poses for pictures, and practices their hardcore kicks and jumps in a basement on  South Crescent Boulevard in Yardley. To the best of my knowledge, these photos were taken over the course