1000000 a.d.

1000000 a.d. (a/k/a 1Mil) formed somewhere between Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley, and New York City. The band originally formed out of home recordings being made by e-Thrice Manwerd in the early-mid-2000s. After a collection of cassette tapes was handed over to Niloc Bleh, they decided they were a band with the initial release of Come On Lincoln…. The memory gets a bit hazy after that. Other members of the group have been rumored to be CP Parker, Winter Games, and M. Writer. Others have assisted.

Plagued by a desire to haphazardly fabricate realities, histories, and reasonings, much of the scattered details are lost. Some recordings continued to be the sole output of Manwerd, such as both Four Tracks from the Four Track collections, but others are actually full-fledged recording sessions with multiple members in the same place at the same time. First, Politicing At Gore Grange, recorded in Philadelphia between 2005 and 2006, then 1 Mil Press Conference recorded in Northern New Jersey in late 2007 and Dedication to John Howard Knee recorded in Philadelphia in December 2008.

They always had difficulty with timing and structure. They have yet to play live in front of people. The band is rumored to still exist if only in intention.

[This is a lie] 1000000 a.d. had previously used a full human skeleton, which was called Melissa, on stage. In the mid-2000s Melissa’s skull was stolen after a performance in the Netherlands. It was claimed to have been finally returned in 2006; however, this was denied by 1000000 a.d.

Dedication to John Howard Knee

1mil-jhk-1000 In December of 2008, three members of the loosely knit collective 1000000 a.d., Manwerd, Bleh, and C.P., met in an undisclosed Philadelphia location to record the basic tracks of what would become Dedication

4 Tracks from the 4 Track II

200-1mil-4tracks2 This is, as the title suggests, the follow-up to 4 Tracks from the 4 Track. Once again, like its predecessor, this one emerged from e-Thrice alone in his nest. We imagine him in a nest atop the buildings

1 Mil Press Conference

200-1mil-press Recorded in one afternoon/evening in Bloomfield, New Jersey and refined over the next week or so by e-Thrice himself. The songs are far shorter and, dare we say, rawer than the previous Poli-Ticking At

Poli-Ticking At Gore Grange

200-1mil-poli-ticking Poli-Ticking began in the summer of 2005 as an idea… a dream, if you will. As of the time, it was to be the only 1000000 a.d. collection to be recorded in a real live studio, as a real live band, with

The Prague Spirit EP

200-1mil-prague Nothing has every really been known about the Prague Spirit EP. It just sort of showed up one day. Who worked on it? Don't know, probably just e-Thrice. When and where was it recorded? Not sure, probably

Triple Six of Tuscaloosa

1mil-trip6b This is a mysterious album from either 2005 or 2006. We released it initially in 2007, but we had it laying around (digitally) for a while. We're not entirely sure this one was meant to be released, but

est. yesterday

est-yesterday est. yesterday arrived in some manner possibly in early 2005. That is a complete guess; obscured by the past. We released it sometime in 2007. Maybe one day, e-Thrice will remember the details for

4 Tracks from the 4 Track

200-1mil-4tracks 4 Tracks from the 4 Track is a collection that possesses a description which virtually goes without saying... or typing. It was a collection created with an ear towards the past and an eye towards the

Break out the poison we’re going to see the prince’s oracle

200-1mil-poison Though around here like to consider Come On Lincoln to be the first 1000000 a.d. album, it actually is predated by Break out the poison we're going to see the prince's oracle in that the previous was

Come On Lincoln

200-1mil-comeon For all intents and purposes, this is the first 1000000 a.d. collection. It was also one of the first four releases by Cornslaw Industries in the fall of 2004. It was recorded some time in the previous