In Ohio

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This is the only known remnant recorded predominantly in the ill-fated MythLab Studios located in the southern end of a town we had geographically flipped when we signed the lease. A weird little bedroom, in a weird little apartment, in a weird little a apartment complex, in a weird part of a weird town, in the Mid West, which is weird to someone from the East Coast.

In Ohio is a farcical journey of discovery in the Midwestern United States. But, not really. Someone we know actually kind of likes this weird little album. But, who? Certainly not me. All songs by The Grossly Misjudged Collective Works of Barry’s Listening. Recorded in the fall 2005. Some portions were recorded in Philadelphia prior to moving to Bowling Green, Ohio.

  1. In Ohio
  2. Decent Persons 1
  3. Cliff Claven is Pope?

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