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Haywood is the magnum opus of Barrow, Alaska’s favorite sons and daughters: The Grossly Misjudged Collective Works of Barry’s Listening. It was their best and only release of 2007 (that’s not true, a lot of other, older recordings were released in 2007). All twelve people who heard it described it as “nearly listenable.” If there was a coherent album by Barry’s Listening, this would be the less coherent follow up to that release.

It was recorded in the Garage Studios of CornslawBG (a cold, drafty, and squirrel-infested place) between the Fall of 2006 and the Summer of 2007 and mixed in Pistachio. In addition to Barry, the album features additional assistance by MSB and MML.

Haywood is dedicated to What’s Happening!! and What’s Happening Now!! actor Haywood Nelson and the directing talents of Thom Eberhard. It is also vaguely tied to Murmur the Cat’s Catster page and his high end fashion boutique Monsieur Le Mur’s Fashions For Him

  1. Metal Thursday (Thursday Metal Thing)
  2. Clegs
  3. Bearly
  4. Monsieur Le Mur_ Fashions For Him (Commercial)
  5. The Wall Organ Song of Manayunk (Call me in 1988, Pee Wee Herman)
  6. Ukie Song (Winter, NWOhio)
  7. Pete’s Best

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