200-barry-denon Download

The original concept behind the de-nonexistent-ing of old material that lead to the releasing of old material and the ultimate forming of the “trilogy” with 1954 and Being That We Are Speaking Of…. This one is most certainly the left over of the left over. Possibly the Board of Directors’ least favorite release.

All songs by The Grossly Misjudged Collective Works of Barry’s Listening, and was recorded between 2001 (some really old stuff) and 2005. Recorded in various locations in Philadelphia, and compiled in Bowling Green, Ohio.

  1. A Perfect Lack of Sense
  2. Alone In a Small Practice Room on Mars
  3. Banjero
  4. Better Try Clothed [ooaaoa]
  5. Decent Persons 2
  6. First Snow

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