Being That We Are Speaking Of…

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Being the We Are Speaking Of... is one third of the trilogy (with 1954 and Denonexistented). They are barely connected in any other way than that they were all released together after a weekend marathon of tape sorting, editing, and digitizing. The material was recorded between 2002 (some a little older than the others, it was the second of the three to be put together) and 2005. Like the others, it was recorded primarily in Philadelphia and edited in the MythLab.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide which of the three I hate the most, I don’t think this is one of the options. It has included a warning with “Woof… Eaten” to “lower volume.”

  1. A Craptastical Allusion
  2. December 27
  3. (The) Start
  4. The Beep Bop Machine
  5. The World’s Most Annoying
  6. Woof… Eaten

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