1954 (Nineteen Fifty Four)

200-barry-1954 Download

With Being That We Are Speaking Of... and Denonexistented1954 forms a trilogy of sorts of unreleased, unfinished, and uncared-for material. Some of it dates pretty far back. Does it need to exist? No, but slightly less than the other two need to exist. So, it needs to exist a little bit. To be quite honest, we haven’t listen to it in quite a while.

All songs by The Grossly MisJudged Collective Works of Barry’s Listening, and recorded between 2003 (maybe further) and 2005. It was recorded in various locations in Philadelphia, PA and Bowling Green, OH.

  1. How to Die in Your Washing Machine
  2. Doo Dee Doo
  3. Hyfajkadfjksslsd
  4. All Try One
  5. Post-Canada

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