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Cornslaw Industries was founded in an apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2003. We weren’t really sure what it was going to be, just that we wanted it to be. Our first website (maybe it even predated Cornslaw) was at ifnor.com. That didn’t last long. Cornslaw.com was launched in the fall of 2004. For a couple months it was a web zine, then a media dump, then a glorified message board. We started putting up a few old recordings (still available) even in the earlier days, so it sort of naturally became a net.label.

Geographically speaking, Cornslaw Industries moved to Bowling Green, Ohio in 2005.

Technologically speaking, cornslaw.com was somewhat forcibly moved to cornslaw.net in November of 2006 when we forgot to pay our bill and the domain name was purchased by some shady-as-fuck company in the Cayman Islands. Check it out, they have one of those weird “we’re a real website, we swear” looks.

In 2007, Cornslaw Industries moved 20 miles up Route 75 to Toledo, OH.

In the summer of 2009, Cornslaw Industries moved back to Philadelphia, PA.

Our “story”:

We came up with a credo early on. Our mission if you will. When someone asked what our site does, a natural answer occurred: we’re “puttin’ stuff on the web that wasn’t there before.” We would claim we actually battled three much larger and scarier multi-national conglomerates for its power and won triumphantly and with much celebration. We still like the credo.

Our schedule:

We are emotionally and temporally reliant upon an academic calendar. We tend to have roughly four spurts of output corresponding to regular breaks: a few weeks int the winter around the new year , a springtime fortnight, and a couple spurts throughout the summer.

Our contributors:

1. Active Roster: Our archive roster is largely made up of friends and friends of friends. There are very few people involved in releasing their music primarily through Cornslaw who someone closely associated with us doesn’t personally know in the “meat world.”

2. Compilation Participants: On occasion, the Cornslaw Industries Board of Directors gets a great idea like putting out a tribute album before the actual album is released) and seeks contributors to participate. We venture into our vast resource of digital social networking to find like-minded artists to contribute. We love them and consider them dear friends following our collaboration. Visit the contact page for more information

3. Archival Releases: Aside from being so unbelievable progressive that even we don’t think its cool yet, we also like to dive into the past (like Jethro Tull) and attempt to bring past material into the digital age. Again, most of the material is related to us in some way.

Why the music is free:

We are a net.label (we like the little period in the middle thing) and as a net.label, the music and related media included on cornslaw dot net and made available through Cornslaw Industries is free to listen to, download, consume, listen to, distribute, and derive anew. The “songs,” the written stuff–the art, the creation, the “property”–remains in the ownership and control of the original creator (interpret that as the recording artist, the songwriter, the covered artist, god, whatever), but the 1s & 0s are your to do with what you want. We have not so much unvalued the music or videos (a lot of it is kind of “ok”) as we have removed what we saw as the number one hindrance in the distribution of this stuff to “you.” We removed the problems that arise when you, a consumer, is faced with the decision of whether to pay money for something or not. You don’t have to pay, just take it, listen to it or watch it. If you don’t like it, move along with your day, sorry for the bother. If you do like it, tell a friend. It’s pretty simple, really. Creative Commons is good.