Lodge Breakfast

200-15yom-lodge Download

For years, this was all we knew (or assumed) about the 15 Year Old Mothers and their Lodge Breakfast:

“Recorded somewhere in Lehigh County, PA sometime in the early 2000’s shortly before the 15 Year Old Mothers amicably went their separate ways. The members were only slightly older than 15 at the time of this recording. We think.”

Now, eThrice has shared the following, additional information:

“Lodge breakfast was recorded live on a Tascam 4 track in a basement in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. It was mixed down and original released on VHS with no video.”

We have also discovered there is a second (or first, depending on your point of view) EP from the 15 Year Old Mothers. We will stop at nothing to get our greedy little hands on it.

Little by little, we learn more information about these maternal teenagers.

  1. Congressional Aide
  2. GG Allin
  3. Security and Slander
  4. Southwest Penn

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