15 Year Old Mothers

15 Year Old Mothers were formed in Emmaus, Pennsylvania in 2002-ish. Recording a ton, they released almost none of it, just two Eps, one of those Eps, Lodge Breakfast, with Cornslaw a few years after they broke up in 2004-ish.

The end of this band spawned fantastic music projects such as Testosteroni, Moonshine Community, Your Welcome Surf and Cornslaw darlings 1000000 ad.

The band consisted of p cipolle (drums, guitar, keyboard), s adams (bass, guitar, production), et manwerd (guitar, saw, vocals) and k adams (guitar, keyboard, vocals).

Lodge Breakfast

200-15yom-lodge For years, this was all we knew (or assumed) about the 15 Year Old Mothers and their Lodge Breakfast: "Recorded somewhere in Lehigh County, PA sometime in the early 2000's shortly before the 15 Year Old