Triple Six of Tuscaloosa

1mil-trip6b Download

This is a mysterious album from either 2005 or 2006. We released it initially in 2007, but we had it laying around (digitally) for a while. We’re not entirely sure this one was meant to be released, but here it is… or was, and still is. It is mostly  solo recording by e-Thrice, but there may be a couple helpers here and there. It showcases e-Thrice’s obsessions with baseball and fowl language.

  1. rockwell
  2. managerism I
  3. law boy (oh, police)
  4. III VI
  5. atlantic ocean TIE fighter
  6. backwoods fuzz form
  7. managerism II
  8. mechanix_ will
  9. lonely spinoza
  10. stromatolites
  11. the doxology
  12. managerism III

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