Dedication to John Howard Knee

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In December of 2008, three members of the loosely knit collective 1000000 a.d., Manwerd, Bleh, and C.P., met in an undisclosed Philadelphia location to record the basic tracks of what would become Dedication to John Howard Knee. The three members then left each other’s company with the intention of producing three different albums dedicated to a man named John Howard Knee. Thus far, e-Thrice’s version, Dedication to John Howard Knee, is the only one of the planned trilogy to be turned over to the Cornslaw Industries Board of Directors. In the words of e-Thrice, this one’s a mess.

Basic tracks recorded onto analog 8 track tape in December, 2008 in Philadelphia. The tracks were then transfered to an analog Portostudio and a digital Fostex 8 track. Additional tracks were recorded in Brooklyn, NY in the late Winter and Spring of 2009.

  1. DTV Transition
  2. Weekend at Hen’s Head
  3. Van Ser Union
  4. Triscuit Whiskers
  5. Marx Dill-io
  6. Waterfront Living

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