Come On Lincoln

200-1mil-comeon Download

For all intents and purposes, this is the first 1000000 a.d. collection. It was also one of the first four releases by Cornslaw Industries in the fall of 2004. It was recorded some time in the previous months. All material was culled from a larger collection (released later as Break out the Poison) dubbed a 1000000 a.d. recording after the fact. It was an afterthought, but one that launched rooftop photography sessions, basement studio time, and Soloian delusions of grandeur. They were glorious times, kids.

All songs were written and recorded by e-Thrice Manwerd, except, of course, “Fade Into You” which was by David Roback and Hope Sandoval and originally recorded by Mazzy Star. It has some of Cornslaw’s highest downloads because of that damn song.

Music was listed as 1000000 a.d, but this wasn’t even a band yet, so that was a lie. e-Thrice listed the “1000000 allstars” as:  e-Thrice Manwerd, Parker Cipolle, Keia Adams, MC Tostasdas, Dawn Martrich, Alex Meyers, and Barnes and the “1000000 spirit players” as Wintergames, Niloc Bleh, M Reiter, Lola Wonsidler, Deegs, Gordon Faylor, and Dan Swavelton. Some of those would record on subsequent releases, some of those are on this recording. We’re not really sure which.

  1. Seven Year Red Tape
  2. Cartesian Dualism
  3. Neo-Geocentrics for a Flat Earth
  4. Fade Into You
  5. Jungian Panalist
  6. Get Out and Contact That Lineage

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