4 Tracks from the 4 Track II

200-1mil-4tracks2 Download

This is, as the title suggests, the follow-up to 4 Tracks from the 4 Track. Once again, like its predecessor, this one emerged from e-Thrice alone in his nest. We imagine him in a nest atop the buildings of Brooklyn.

This includes a House of Love cover, “Christine,” originally proposed for 1000000 a.d.’s 1 Mil Press Conference session, but the band couldn’t get it together. Also features a collaboration with Cornslaw associate Qua Judge on “Mil 7.”

  1. Shy Bay
  2. Meet and Greet at the Capris
  3. Christine
  4. Flight to 1000000 AD
  5. Mil 7 (featuring Qua Judge)

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