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Break out the poison we’re going to see the prince’s oracle


Though around here like to consider Come On Lincoln to be the first 1000000 a.d. album, it actually is predated by Break out the poison we’re going to see the prince’s

Chinese Democracy: a tribute to an unheard album


• CS006 • 2006 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • In 1997, Axl Rose began recording a new Guns N’ Roses album. As of October of 2006, the album had

A History of Cornslaw Industries, Part 2 (What do we do with cornslaw.com)

Cornslaw December 2004

In November of 2004, cornslaw.com was purchased and I went about trying to find some webspace. I’ll clue you into the eventual conclusion of this story, and the reason we

Prudent Tracks


Where did it come from? Why did it come from there? Does it ever return there? Credited to “Our Neighbor in Heav’n (an alias of e-Thrice Manwerd, itself an alias).



• CS0XX • 1997 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • Inferno is, to our knowledge, Morgantown, WV’s Lester James & the White Flames’s only release. It was released on CD

Ofy Toof


“Ofy Toof” was created for a student-produced horror/slasher film, although I never actually got to see the film. I read a treatments and thought, “hmmm, I could do that.” A



Recorded in a very short time with very little direction. Includes lots of found sounds, borrowed sounds, and lost sounds. It is pronounced in the past tense. “Hard Rock Singer/Guitarist

Our Cube House Still Rocks

• CS067 • 2000 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • In 1999, on a mid-summer’s eve, a small tornado formed in rural Wayne County, Ohio. Weaving a path across



In honor of turning thirty, I collected 30. It is a loose collection of songs that brought one to such a milestone, but not really. It was a return to

Play Something You Practiced


• CS009 • 1999 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • For The Courteous Ninjas to play something they practiced prior to the performance is more of a threat than

A History of Cornslaw Industries, Part 3 (Bored)

ian says howdy

A year or so into the Cornslaw experiment, it started taking off… but not how I had envisioned. I was uploading media (including, by now, all of the four releases

Photos From South Crescent Blvd

Michael's hardcore jumps were better than the rest of ours.

Band plays, poses for pictures, and practices their hardcore kicks and jumps in a basement on  South Crescent Boulevard in Yardley. To the best of my knowledge, these photos were

In Romania, Joke Gets You


Recorded by Mike, James, and Colin over the course of several months between the Fall of 2006 and the Summer of 2007 while each one had far more important things

It Ain’t Wrong (Single)


• CS051 • 2009 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • Chris was one of the first contributors to Cornslaw Industries when it was still located at cornslaw.com and searching

At Last


• Purchase CD & ‘Zine in Cornslaw Store • How does one begin to explain Wayne? That is a difficult question. He certainly is an outsider artist in the purist

Not Dark and Emo


A collection of minimalist pop songs washed in swirls of distortion and cascades of noise, “…Not Dark and Emo” was recorded live in a Brooklyn basement on 4-track tape July

The Happy Potential of Swings


The second release from our Russian friends from West Siberia: The Vertinsky Dogs. Another brilliant collection of songs from this group. Another interesting and often-difficult (because of language differences,

4 Tracks from the 4 Track


4 Tracks from the 4 Track is a collection that possesses a description which virtually goes without saying… or typing. It was a collection created with an ear towards the

The Tyler Kinney EP


• CS042 • 2008 • STREAM • ZIP • ARCHIVE.ORG • But she seemed to be recovering from the effects of this fiasco when sometime during the night of June 22,

Cyber Monday Sale


Everything’s free… but that’s everyday at Cornslaw Industries (except for a few select physical items). Download, distribute, create anew!

Our Tenth Anniversary

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 9.56.01 PM Happy new year to anyone who finds him/herself here, for some reason. We're never sure why. Head over to our Facebook and say "hello." We'll see it in a couple months and say "hi" back. So, what are

Cyber Monday Sale


Everything’s free… but that’s everyday at Cornslaw Industries (except for a few select physical items).

Download, distribute, create anew!